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"There's just too many balls!" – Everyone


Your job is to repair all five machines… but take care! They're leaking radiation and it might hurt you. Use your gun to protect yourself and the Decontaminator to cleanse your body from the radiation. The timer on the bottom tracks your performance! Have fun!


Developed completely using visual programming in Unreal Engine called Blueprints. It was my first participation in a game jam and game using UE.

This game was developed during a GameJam organized by the local game developing group GameDev Society UFRGS of my college in 2015. The Game Jam took place locally every day within one week on the early morning till noon but with could also develop it during free time.

Project page provided by the organization

In-game voices by Diego

Game Jam Awards

  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Game Design
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Mechanics


Decontaminator (Windows x64)


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You will need to make a few changes to the game, I can collect radiation while I read the guide, also there seems to be no way to restart the game, or exit the game. And if I die there is no way to restart.

I'm really happy you tried the game! Thanks for the feedback, I actually didn't know you could collect radiation while reading the guide, which is really bad! Yes, there's no exit button, at the time I thought it wasn't the most important thing to add (later I noticed It was easy to add though). Since the game got positive feedback at the game jam, me and some friends tried to take the idea and mechanics into a new game that I'll probably post into the itch.io later on. Thanks again!

That's ok, when you update it may I recommend the gamejolt website if its not on there already? I think a lot of people will like it there.

Yes, awesome!